Misty’s 27 years old if you keep up with her age out of the anime so I’m drawing her as a 27 year old who’s about to wreck every 10-year-old-kid-brimming-with-hope that crosses her path

I picked up Krita to test it out and I’m really digging the brushes that come with it! I would highly recommend the software for someone who’s looking for a Photoshop replacement, (in terms of drawing, I haven’t tested photo manipulation.) I personally like Krita more than Photoshop, I’ve been sending my friends screens of my sketches saying “This practically looks like I scanned it!”

My favorite brushes are Pencil Tilt Sketch, Pencil Texture, and Pencil Tilt. All pencil brushes, but what can I say? I like what I like lol.

Cool metal sonic redraw, I redrew it at 1:1 so I could use it as an avatar.




Woo wow!!! also available as totes or phone cases or whatever

$5 off + Free Shipping hot a what!!

Late self portrait for the new year

My website redesign is live! Check it out.

I did this watercolor a few months ago, but I completely forgot to post it! 

Tiled ghibli background edit for valentines day


Just replenished my oil paint supply heck YA

Also I’ve been thinking about that post going around telling you that you shouldn’t be using the normal primary colors and instead use the CYM colors?? And I’ve always learned that you need both RBY and CYM to achieve all of the colors you’d want. If you just use one or the other you’re either going to end up with really earthy colors or unnaturally vibrant colors respectively. It’s all about the hues!!

So just as like a general tip you’d want to get:

  • Cadmium Red and Quinacridone Red
  • Cadmium Yellow and Hansa Yellow
  • Cerulean Blue and Ultramarine Blue
  • And a big ol tube of white bc you’re going to be using it a lot!

(You don’t need a black bc you can mix together some of your colors and get a really vibrant off-black, it’ll make your painting look more natural. (Whenever I’m drawing digitally I use a really deep purple for my blacks))

So basically you’re getting two different hues of a color. Ie: cadmium red is orange based and quinacridone red is purple based, and with that you’ll be able to get any color you could imagine. Happy painting!! image